Our Vision

Collective chemistry

Our Mission

Shoulder to shoulder, Sweat and joy

GOM's Values

1. Genuinely engage with, share with, and grow our community.

Support artists in our community to develop. Do this by helping them to get gigs, helping financially through loans, teaching & workshops, supporting on social media & always being open to giving advice & feedback. While on tour, endeavour to create lasting relationships with presenters and local communities. Do this by having positive energy on stage and off, being easy-going and easy to work with, and taking opportunities for local engagement such as teaching, workshops and meet and greets.

2. Make work that is accessible and inspiring to "everyman" audiences.

Make work that is genuine, raw, physical, challenging and human. Don’t assume artistic education of the audience, bring out the human story, be present in performance, take risks and accepting failures as part of the learning, create work that generous and giving.

3. Actively create, capture and share opportunities for a wider benefit.

Build the company not just to benefit the original GOM members, but to leave legacies in the industry and in community. Do this by supporting local artists however possible, building a pool of employees and collaborators who believe in GOM’s vision & values, give others opportunity to step up and develop themselves even if this means personal sacrifice, having strong management who believe in GOM’s vision and can drive opportunities towards this, running a financially strong and efficient business prioritising good opportunities over making profit.

4. Foster an environment of constant growth and evolution - artistic, professional, personal.

Create an environment that fosters long term relationships with employees and collaborators. Do this by encouraging and helping people to reach their personal, artistic and professional goals while working for GOM. Help individuals create development plans that identify what is important to them, what pathways they can use to get to their goals, and how they can be accountable to these plans. Help to connect people with the resources that will help them realize their goals. Encourage the continual development and evolution of acrobatic, musical and creative skills.

Company Goals

1: Nurture the GOM chemistry

2: Make and tour bleeding edge work of which we’re proud that inspires everyman audiences

3: Grow, support and empower the community connected to GOM

4: Build our global reputation as an extraordinary acrobatic company with a unique personality

5: Have financial stability and value our artists first

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