We are Gravity & Other Myths… but our mates call us GOM.

We are a family brought together by our love and passion for circus, and are proud to be part of a strong Australian circus scene. Starting in 2009 as a young independent ensemble, our company’s journey over the past nine years has been a mixture of hard work and good fortune.

From the beginning of our journey, music has played a leading role in forming our shows. The soundtracks for our shows A Simple Space and Backbone were written in close collaboration to the acrobatics, and the live music aspect of our shows has become a defining feature of our company.

We are looking for a drummer to add to the GOM family. You would perform with our shows Backbone and A Simple Space, replacing a member of the cast who will be taking some time off from touring. You would join us on tour from April until the end of 2019. We value creating long lasting relationships with everyone who joins us, so we’re looking for someone who is available for this period, and also interested in working with us longer term.

As you will be replacing someone in the show, you’ll be required to learn an existing role which will involve playing drums, operating loops, and performing on stage. If you don’t hit all the requirements, but have creative ideas about how you could perform the role, please send through your expressions of interest anyway. We would still love to hear from you.

Please send your application to casting@gomcircus.com.au  by November 1st.

See requirements below:

  • Experienced drummer
  • Experience with electronic music systems (Ableton Live is used in the show)
  • Experience working with art forms other than music (eg. dance, circus, performing arts, musicals)
  • Must be available April 2019 until January 2020

Please answer the following questions in your expression of interest:

  • How do you fit with each of the requirements listed above?
  • What experience do you have touring and performing?
  • Where and how did you learn to play drums?
  • Have you seen any GOM shows (or any circus shows with live music)? What did you enjoy about them? Is there anything that you would change if you were operating the music?
  • What’s your favourite album?
  • What does your average weekend look like?
  • Send us 3 of your favourite videos or memes.
  • What (non-musical) special talent do you have that would impress a group of acrobats?
  • Please include links to any videos of you performing/playing, any recordings you’ve contributed to, or any other projects you’ve been part of.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Team GOM